Advancing Ecosystem Health Through Research
  About the Journal

About the Journal

An ecosystem is the interaction of plants and animals with non-living things and each other in a geographic area. Ecosystem health depends on biological diversity and complex relationship between organisms.

Ecosystems & Biomes is an international, interdisciplinary, scientific and peer reviewed open access journal published quarterly online by the Ecobiome R&D centre. All types of manuscripts (original research, reviews, case studies, editorials, and short communications) are welcome.

Aims and Scope
The objective of the journal Ecosystem and Biomes is to explore variety of concepts, and practices in emerging scientific fields within ecosystem and biomes.
Empirical, experimental, theoretical and review papers reporting on areas:
  • Ecosystems functions and services
  • Biodiversity response to environmental changes
  • Sustainable, resource-efficient agricultural practices
  • Biotic interactions between species – plants, and animals
  • Environmental pollution and microbial management strategies
  • Ecology and the Environment-Microbiome Nexus
  • Crop-soil-microbiome nexus: response to climate change
Editorial Board
Editor in chief   
Prof. Dilfuza Egamberdieva

Deputy Editor-in-Chief 
Prof. Wen-Jun Li
Prof. Naveen Arora

Subject editors
Prof. Sonoko D. Bellingrath-Kimura
Prof. Nils-Kåre Birkeland
Dr. Hovik Panosyan
Dr. Paulina Carmona-Mora
Dr. Javid A. Parray
Dr. Sebastien Joannin
Dr. Riyaz Sayyed
Dr. Hongchen Jiang

December 2021, Issue 1

Special Issue on the 1st International Conference on Biology and Biotechnology of Microorganisms, (ICBMB2021)